Behind The Scenes

Of course, in every successful act and masterpiece lies the unsung heroes. We are going to present to you the principal members of Spirit of Broadway Theater and the actors behind each act. SBT is headed by 12 talented individuals who are guiding their 25 actors and actresses. They make sure that everyone gets the chance to be in the spotlight and get an opportunity to be a better persona on and off stage.

Guy Holmes – Producer and Adviser

A sound engineer who never had an opportunity to pursue his theater careers due to the pressure of his parents. On his late 30’s he found a way to make his inner youth’s guilt to an end, and that is to be for help and to take care of a small group of young people who are in love with the center stage. Holmes is a loving father of four gorgeous girls and currently working as a sound engineer in a local company downtown. He also spends time coaching the kids and helping in music produces.

Alex Koenig – Vocal coach and Acting mentor

Koenig spends much his time rehearsing with the team and having acting sessions to release tension before any big event. During his early 20’s, Koenig is a typical college bad boy band vocalist who does not care about the world. When he turned 28, his dying grandfather inspired him to join the Broadway.

Shannon Denis – Manager and Co-Producer

She is everyone’s momma in the group, known for her motherly instincts and care for the kids. She’s been working with the group her whole life and has seen people walk through and out the group. She also handles recruiting and disciplining her kids – that’s why called momma by most. Denis manages schedules and sponsors of SBT.

Elizabeth Boyle – Director and Script Writer

Usually alone and thinking, Boyle is a very talented young girl who joined the group at an early age of 12. It’s her dream to perform on-stage but remains inside her shell. She decided to be the unsung hero behind every masterpiece she creates, and she’s happy that each of her actors is giving justice to her original creations.

Mathew Duckworth – Music Composer and Dance Choreographer

Like the one you could imagine from Step Up movies, Mathew is a hardcore dancer and music composer spending his whole day listening to music and getting new and fresh ideas to teach the kids. He usually spends his weekends with the members for rehearsals and dance lessons.

Marcia Crane and Jessica Ruiz – Make-up artists, Props, and Costume Designers

The real art of the act, Marcia and Jessica are a perfect combo like they were made for each other. The complement one another like Dolce and Gabbana. Most of the time, they go out and roam to streets to find something for keeps that would add glamor and class to the play. “Dreaming and make it real” is their motto.

Javier Gomez and Alexander Davis – Lights and Technicals

Javier and Alexander work in a local bar at night and works at the theater during the morning. Both admires the beauty of technology and music and clicks right away after meeting through Shannon. They both also attend rehearsals to improve music and light timing.

Wanda Martin – Marketing and Advertising

Wanda spends her time using her wand to work on the group’s publication and image. She both handles social media accounts, press releases, and more. She works in close collaboration with Guy when meeting potential sponsors or collaborators.

Annette Ortega – Budget and Accounting

The clerk of the family, Annette keeps a stingy attitude when it comes to their budget and she makes sure that every cent of it will be used in what everyone needs. Sometimes, Annette would also come with the fashion girls to help on finding awesome outfits.

Karl Larson – Dance Mentor and  Assistant Director

Karl and Mathew are college buddies and now both working to form killer moves and unique never-seen-before stunts (not that it’s dangerous…) Karl is more of in the genre of ballet an opposite from Mathew which makes them both perfectly combined.