In the modern era where Broadway and theater are two distinctive terms that are both slowly being forgotten by time. We all love going to the cinemas and watch movies with our family, friends, and partner. You might be as well updated to the latest Oscars celebration of the film industry. And while most of us adore being in front of the camera to act and show off acting skills, there are now only a few who appreciates the real art of performing the old fashioned way – the Broadway theaters way of acting. Acting in front of the camera and acting in front of the stage are different things although there are mutual things to consider by the two. Broadway way of acting is more exaggerated than acting for the screen.

As time washes away the real legacy of Broadway, there is a little theater in North America thriving to remain alive and continue in the art and beauty of acting – The Spirit of Broadway Theater. SBT is formed by now only 37 surviving members. The group went through tough and hopeless situations, but despite all the struggle, the people behind all the success will know that they will do everything to keep the group together. Mrs. Shannon Denis is one of the most respectable theater artists in the group. She acts as their manager and co-producer for several plays. Some members also call her Momma for her maternal care and attitude towards her now she calls children of my masterpiece. Together with their advisor, Guy Holmes, the whole artful family just gets better through years of training and experience.

For over five years now, the group keeps on doing their passion and giving all their best to keep the fire blazing. Although movies and television use rise through time, there will always be persons who still love the old-fashioned way. “Art in an old-fashioned way will never be out,” says Mrs. Denis. Mr. Alex Koenig is also one of the people behind the student’s exceptional voice control skills. He’s a former band vocalist that pursued a passion for Broadway acting. “I devoted now my time and spent it to what I really love doing, the kids and acting are two things I call the masterpiece of my life.”

Although, the members of SBT do not deny the fact that it has been long since their last glory of the theater filled with thousands of people. “It’s been sad because only a few kids today would only appreciate Broadway and how people make so much of the center stage,” said Mr. Koenig. The group holds their heads up high and took the pride of knowing the art of real acting.