Join Us

Thank you for your interest in joining us on stage. Spirit of Broadway’s door is always open to aspiring theater actors and actresses. If you believe that you are and should be one of our talented crews, then visit us on-site or contact us to get your audition scheduled. We advise that you visit our page from time to time for role audition and events.

Here at Spirit of Broadway, we dedicate time and effort in training our students. We believe that each of them is talented in their own unique ways, and we want to bring that out through rigorous training and enhance their skill set. Spirit of Broadway family is lead by talented and caring individuals who know how to take care of their people.

Joining us will involve a two-step process. First is the auditions, 3 minutes per candidate, which could be anything from singing, dancing, acting, or the combination of three. All the members shall witness the audition and observe and make their top 3 choices. The judges shall give scores according to the following criteria: voice, projection, poise, movement, and interaction. The second phase will be background and schedule checking. If the chosen candidates pass the second screening, a representative from Spirit of Broadway will call or email the candidate for the briefing.

After the successful recruitment, there will be an initiation event and a welcome party for the new members. All perks and training advantages shall be discussed during the briefing. Joining Spirit of Broadway Theater is not just about acting and showing off at the center stage it’s also about building oneself and belonging to a family. Come and join us and experience a world-class first-hand experience of learning from industry experts, be inspired by fellow artists and discover more of your talent. See you!