Pre Show Activities

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Are you In New York’s Broadway district and out of ideas about what to do until the show you are waiting for starts? If that’s you should consider doing some or all of the following, trust me it will be fun.

Take a foot tour

There is no better way to experience a city than on foot, when you walk around you get to experience things first hand and interact with the locals. There are businesses in the area that offer celebrity tour guides to show you the city, if you are lucky you may even land a tour with the likes of Denzel Washington, trust me this is the closest you will get to act out your Training Day fantasy.

If you chose to tour the area on your own I suggest that you tour the following locales:

  • Duffy square
  • Barrymore theater
  • The Edison hotel
  • Times building and new year’s ball
  • The music box theater
  • St Malachy’s actors chapel
  • Hell’s kitchen
  • Central park
  • Manhattan (lower, midtown and lower east)
  • East village

Try People Watching

I know you were taught not to stare at strangers, but believe me Time Square is the best place to go people watching. Who knows you might even run into the famous Naked Cowboy or even superman, not the real one of course.

There are lots of people here so you should give people watching a try when you are done awing at the huge screens and billboards.

Broadway Up-Close

As mentioned above you can get on foot tours on Broadway with one of your favorite celebrities.

The benefits you will get from this are, insider info on what’s happening currently and a behind the scenes look at Broadway. Oh, this will also keep you from getting lost in the city.  If you are interested in that book your tour here.

Buy Stuff

There are lots of shops in the area, I mean lots. This means that you can never miss a souvenir for your travels if you are looking for clothes, sweets and anything else you fancy just simply walk and have a look around before your show starts.

Where to Eat

We all have to eat and if you are New York why not sample the best the city has to offer? In my opinion, the top places you should eat at are:

There are over 150 restaurants in the district so you have lots of options, my advice is to walk around and look for one that impresses you the most and tells us about it. In the end, it’s all about fun, I could tell you lots of things to do but it’s always better if you make it up as you go. So have fun and don’t forget to watch a play or two while there.